Personal Project. Rediscovering the traditional Christmas Tree

I was invited to take part in an exhibition to rediscover the traditional Christmas Tree at the Brisbane Powerhouse. My approach however, was to create a tree from the toys that would normally go under it with a powerful hidden anti-war message entitled “Lone Pine.”

Lone Pine commemorates the battle fought between Australian and Ottoman Empire forces during the Gallipoli Campaign of the First World War.

The fighting there was some of the fiercest with disastrous results for both the Turkish and the Australians. Of the Australian force that had launched the attack, almost half became casualties.

As a result of the battle’s significance to the Australians, Lone Pine is the site of the annual Australian Anzac Day dawn service at Gallipoli.

The Lone Pine Christmas Tree is in a way another spin on the actual pine trees that are cut down for families to gather around at Christmas but is also a symbol for the many family trees that are affected due to war and the cutting down of young lives.

  • Role Concept development, design and construction

  • For Brisbane Powerhouse Arts

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